Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How do I know if home care is the right option? 

Answer: Do you need help with day to day needs, are you looking for someone to drive you to appointments, errands, or simply looking for a companion? Give us a call at 415-712-1917, we would be more than happy to discuss your needs and what we can offer. Let's schedule a complimentary assessment and take it from there! 

Question: What makes Marin Home care stand out from other agencies? 

Answer: Marin Home Care is a local, boutique caregiving agency in Tiburon. Our approach here at Marin Home Care is to deliver warm, personalized, and compassionate non-medical and medical caregiving services to our local community. We are a licensed & bonded caregiving agency with the Department of Social Services. 

       See us as your care match-maker service. We are extremely diligent and take our time to get to know each client and their family's needs and wishes. We have a manual process to digest who we believe is a good "fit" from our large pool of caregivers. We always encourage meet & greets before care starts to make sure the client feels the same as us, ie that it's a good fit and they want to begin that long term relationship. 

At Marin Home Care we are owned and operated by Marin County Residents, we are NOT a franchise. Our narrow market focus allows us to fulfill your needs with a more personalized approach and the opportunity to know each client personally. 

       Unlike many other caregiving agencies, Marin Home Care provides medical staffing services and home health care. We are fortunate our founder Laura Belluomini comes from a nursing background, Laura is a Registered Nurse and attains a Master’s in Nursing, which has enabled us to get our medical registration. We work with several local registered nurses so we can better serve our client’s needs. 

Question: Who are your services available for? 

Answer: Our services are available to anyone no matter the living situation or needs. We service anywhere in Marin County in or out of the home. If you need help, we have a caregiver for you. 

Question: What services do you offer? 

Answer: Marin Home Care offers non-medical home care by our registered Home Care Aides, and medical home health care by our registered nurses, LVNs, and CNA's. 


Our homecare includes the provision of services such as assisting with personal care, light housekeeping, and meal preparation including but not limited to: 

● Light housekeeping & laundry 

● Meal preparation & clean up 

● Feeding 

● Medication reminders 

● Personal care 

● Respite care 

● Wardrobe, dressing assistance 

● Help with daily grooming and personal hygiene 

● Transferring and positioning 

● Bathing Assistance 

● Application of Lotion 

● Toileting Assistance and incontinence care 

● Help with Ambulation and Exercise 

● Bed-bound Assistance 

● Protective Supervision for those with impaired judgment 

● Transportation & Errand Services 

● Companionship / Conversation 

● Correspondence and making telephone calls 

● Meal Planning / Grocery Shopping 

● Shopping for personal care items 

● Help with pets 

● Visiting Friends & family 

● Picking up prescriptions 

● Playing card/board games 

● Monitoring food expiration 

● Answering Phone / Door 

● Reading, Letter writing 

● Encouraging Hobbies, and registering for events 

Skilled nursing services to name a few: 

● Pillboxes 

● Injections 

● Wound care 

● Ostomy care 

● Infusions 

● And more, please inquire for expanded home health care services. 

Question: Can I change the schedule if I need to? 

Answer: Absolutely, changes are happily welcomed and are expected as needs and conditions change. Our clients’ needs come first, one of the many reasons why we have 24/7 emergency support available. With 24 hrs notice, you can add, or reduce hours, put care on hold or cancel altogether. 

Question: Why should I use an agency to find home care? 

Answer: As a licensed and bonded agency we absorb the risk so there jeopardy when inviting someone new into the home. We are matchmakers and use our large database of caregivers to ensure we find the right fit. 

Question: What is the hiring process for caregivers? 

Answer: Since Marin Home Care is NOT a franchise and is a locally owned and operated by Marin County Residents. Enabling us to have a hands-on and very comprehensive caregiver hiring process. We believe in taking our time getting to know our caregivers, not just their experience but personally too. All caregivers are registered by the Department of Social Services (fingerprinted), screened, trained, bonded insured and HIPAA compliant. Our caregivers are appreciated for all their work and effort caring for our clients. 

Question: What happens if my caregiver cannot make it to work that day? 

Answer: Clients and caregivers have access to the MHC team's personal cell phones for emergency coverage. We work together to handle any coverage that is needed. With a local team approach, if one caregiver is sick, another is usually available. Each client is assigned back-up caregivers whom we feel is a good fit with their regular caregiver, whom we reach out to first if your caregiver is unable to make it. 

Question: What are the rates for services? 

Answer: We offer flexible hours so that no care is too big or too small. Please contact us for a specific rate, as they differ due to levels & length of care. Tel: (415)-712-1917 

Question: Do you accept insurance? 

Answer: Yes, Marin Home Care accepts Long Term Care insurance since as we are licensed and bonded agency. Give us a call today and we can discuss your options! 

Question: How does billing and payroll for the caregivers work? 

Answer: Caregivers are paid weekly, we handle all the taxes, insurance, and administrative responsibilities. Our clients are billed bi-weekly, we accept credit cards, bank routing information on auto-pay or checks. Marin Home Care also works with Long Term Care insurance providers and can bill them for you, taking you out of the financial equation altogether. 

Question: Does Medicare / Medi-Cal cover Marin Home Care’s cost? 

Answer: Marin Home Care is not a Medicare accredited Home Health Agency.  We do not currently work with Medicare or Medi-Cal for home care services*. Medicare agencies are limited in what they can do and for how long, so if you are looking for additional support, beyond what Medicare will cover, then let us know and we would love to help. 

* We are exploring options for home health aide services, and how we may be able to work with Medi-Cal in the future on the medical side. 


Question: Are your home care/home health services only serving seniors in the community? 

Answer: No matter your age, we care. We care for post-surgery recovery, individuals with disabilities or anyone who needs a little extra help getting around the home or in the community. Compassionate companionship can be for all ages! 

Question: Did you used to be Marin Senior Care? 

Answer: YES! In fact, our LLC is still Marin Senior Care LLC. We changed our name to Marin Home Care in 2017 to be more inclusive to non-senior clients as mentioned above. 

Question: Does Marin Home Care work with families located in different states or countries? 

Answer: Yes, we have many local clients but who have families out of state or in a different country, and with the use of technology we are able to keep families up to date with care and progress of their loved ones. We have what’s called a “Family Room” online portal, where caregivers can provide updates directly to families. To learn more about our Family Room:

Question: Are you Licensed anywhere? 

Answer: YES! Our Home Care Organization is licensed by the Department of Social Services (DSS). Our Home Health Agency is licensed by the Department of Public Health (DPH).  

     We are also active members of the California Association for Health Services at Home- CAHSAH, the Institute of Aging, and the Marin Home Care Association

If you have any questions or need further information, please call our office:  (415) 712-1917

Call us today at (415)712-1917

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